Diversity & Inclusion Employee Spotlight: Kathy Rodriguez

We are pleased to spotlight Executive Assistant Katherine (Kathy) Rodriguez this month! Kathy works in the Paralegal and Library Services department and is based in Washington, DC.

How long have you been at Wolf Greenfield? 
It will be 2 years this December. 

How has being authentic helped you in your career? 
Being my authentic self has helped me to build self-awareness, which improves my ability to build rapport and develop close relationships with peers and senior management. 

What motivates you to wake up and go to work? 
What helps motivate me to wake up and work is a sense of purpose, personal fulfillment, recognition, and the desire to achieve professional growth.

What has been your favorite project/assignment at Wolf Greenfield? 
Any project or assignment that relieves the workload off others, especially my supervisor, Kathy Kerr. I love feeling like I’m contributing and being part of a team.

What is something most people don’t know about you? 
I am huge Harry Potter fan! I have a collection of Harry Potter related items in my room, and I re-watch the films every year.

For those who don’t know me, I was born in Washington DC, but raised in Maryland. My family is from El Salvador located in Central America. Fun fact about Hispanic/Latino culture – for Christmas we don’t open our presents Christmas morning, we celebrate on Christmas Eve and open our gifts at midnight. We are too impatient to wait for Santa Claus! 

Being part of the Wolf Greenfield family has brought me such fulfillment and joy. I am treated with respect and given daily encouragement. I feel valued for what I bring to the firm. I’m grateful for a career that continues to challenge me; I’m challenged daily by the pace and ambition of the organization, the caliber of the people, and the work itself. Having been in a stagnant career prior to this role makes this even more rewarding. I appreciate to work at a place where opportunity is just waiting for you to take it.