Diversity & Inclusion Employee Spotlight: Meaghan Luster

We are pleased to spotlight Meaghan Luster this month! Meaghan is an Associate in the Litigation Practice and works in our Boston office.

How long have you been at Wolf Greenfield?
I’ve been at Wolf Greenfield for about 6 months. I started at the end of November 2023.

How has being authentic helped you in your career?
Being authentic has helped me immensely in my career to connect with others, which has been especially helpful as a lateral hire to Wolf Greenfield. Also, being authentic helps me be at ease so I can focus on putting my best self forward.

What motivates you to wake up and go to work?
Aside from our Brookline carpool (shout out to Marie and Arden!) that literally motivates me to wake up and go to work each day, getting the chance to learn something new, whether it’s a new area of the law or technology, and working with top clients and people motivates me. Sometimes my brain hurts by the end of the day, but there is never a dull moment.

What has been your favorite project/assignment at Wolf Greenfield?
About a month into being at Wolf Greenfield, I joined the Singular v. Google trial team. The trial took place at the same courthouse where I previously clerked in the District of Massachusetts. Going back to the courthouse and sitting on the other side of the courtroom was an interesting experience, and I was proud to use the skills I learned while clerking to help our team achieve a positive result for our client.

What is something most people don’t know about you?
If we’ve had a conversation, I’ve probably managed to bring up that I’m a huge Swiftie, I was co-captain of the bowling team in high school, and that I’m in a flag football league. What I haven’t managed to figure out how to bring up more often is that in first grade I had a starring role in a “Frog and Toad” play called “The Letter,” where I played the titular character, Toad. The roles were randomly assigned, but I am still proud of my one and only acting role.

Why is diversity and inclusion important to you?
Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is important to me because it has always been important to my life. Being involved in diversity and inclusion initiatives throughout my life has helped me understand more of my own identity and has provided tremendous support. I grew up in a predominantly white community, where most kids were not multiracial like myself. While I fit in with academics and sports, I still felt othered regarding my racial identity. It was not until college that I learned more about where I fit in with the AAPI community. Doing so helped me connect with others and make great friends including those I lived with in the Asian American House. I continued my involvement with affinity groups in law school, which was immensely helpful because no one in my family had been through law school before. And I continue my involvement in diversity and inclusion initiatives to pay it forward for all the support I have received.

For AAPI Heritage Month, I am making it a personal goal to practice learning Tagalog, one of the most common languages spoken in the Philippines. My mom’s native language is Tagalog, but she did not teach me when I was younger because my dad does not know how to speak it fluently. I want to learn to continue connecting with my heritage and to also know all the chismis (Tagalog word for gossip) that my cousins are sharing at family reunions.

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