Client Spotlight: Aura Biosciences

Client: Client Spotlight: Aura Biosciences Client: Client Spotlight: Aura Biosciences

About The Company

Aura Biosciences is a clinical-stage biotechnology company on a mission to develop a new standard of care in the oncology world. Founded by Dr. Elisabet de los Pinos, Aura is developing virus-like drug conjugates (VDC), a novel class of therapies, that aim to bring meaningful therapeutic benefits to patients suffering from various cancer indications with high unmet needs.

What sets Aura apart is their proprietary platform that enables Virus-Like Particles (VLPs) to target a broad range of solid tumors. Aura is focusing their initial development of the VDC technology platform on treating tumors of high unmet need in ocular and urologic oncology. Their first VDC candidate, Belzupacap sarotalocan (bel-sar), is being specifically developed as a first-line treatment for early-stage choroidal melanoma and Aura recently launched the global Phase 3 trial for this indication. This rare disease currently has no approved targeted therapies in early-stage disease, leaving patients with the potential for major vision loss, disfiguration, and a wide range of comorbidities.

In addition to early-stage choroidal melanoma, Aura is also exploring the potential of bel-sar in other ocular oncology indications, such as choroidal metastasis, and more broadly across multiple cancers, including in patients with bladder cancer.

Fueled by an unwavering passion for science and a commitment to pioneering innovative therapies for their patients, Aura’s team remains steadfast in their mission to transform the lives of cancer patients through scientific innovation and the delivery of superior therapeutic outcomes.

Wolf Greenfield & Aura Biosciences

Over the years, Wolf Greenfield has collaborated closely with Aura Biosciences, assisting them in the intricate process of building and expanding a robust patent portfolio around the company’s targeted oncology therapeutics. Wolf Greenfield has guided Aura through the intricate maze of intellectual property rights, ensuring that Aura’s groundbreaking discoveries in oncology receive the protection they merit. Through this partnership, Aura Biosciences has successfully patented numerous innovations, solidifying their position as leaders in their industry and ensuring the longevity of their unique contributions to the field of targeted cancer therapies.

Straight From The Team

Wolf Greenfield has been a great partner for Aura as we work towards our mission of envisioning a new way to treat cancer. We are grateful to the team at Wolf Greenfield for their support and efforts over the years and look forward to continuing the partnership.

Elisabet de los Pinos
Founder & CEO, Aura Biosciences

It is a privilege to work with a team as dedicated as Aura. Among other breakthroughs, their work offers hope in the world of ocular oncology and puts patient care at the forefront.

Heather DiPietrantonio
Shareholder, Biotechnology Practice, Wolf Greenfield