Client Spotlight: Burton Snowboards

Client:  Burton Snowboards Client:  Burton Snowboards

About The Company

If you’ve ever been on a mountain in winter, or watched the winter Olympics or X-Games, chances are pretty good you’ve seen a Burton snowboard. Begun in a Vermont barn in 1977, Burton has grown from founder Jake Burton Carpenter’s original vision – to have fun standing on a board in the snow - to a global snowsports industry leader, providing fun for millions of riders. With offices and stores around the world, Burton continues to innovate and lead by example, setting a clear mission of using sustainable materials, paying fair wages, ensuring a healthy and inclusive work environment, and developing products that last so they don’t end up in a landfill. Innovative design and manufacturing are part of Burton’s DNA - the first manufacturer of snowboards in the world, today they are a world leader, with products in more than 4,000 stores worldwide.

Modeled on surfing and using a “snurfer” as inspiration, Burton’s first snowboard was the BB1 - a narrow board made of wood and polyurethane with a single-strap binding and a rope and handle attached to its nose. In 2008, Burton pioneered a single-channel binding mounting system using EST® (Extra Sensory Technology), which eliminates weight by mounting the binding to the board from the sides of the binding instead of the middle, getting rid of the middle baseplate, and giving the rider greater control.

In addition to snowboards, Burton is known for its constantly evolving snow clothing, and for its other active brands like Anon Optics (snow goggles and eyewear). The days of the strap and rope used to control the snowboard are long gone, and today, Burton engineers and designers craft numerous categories of snowboards, such as boards for big mountain riding, freestyle and park riding, and half-pipe and slopestyle riding.

Wolf Greenfield & Burton Snowboards

Burton has always, and continues to be, fiercely independent, with current CEO Donna Carpenter (Jake Burton Carpenter’s widow) choosing for the company to remain privately owned. Burton continues to promote innovation and advancements in both products and how they are manufactured.

As a recognized brand in many countries, Burton often faces complex trademark and patent issues. Wolf Greenfield’s team has worked closely with Burton to protect and patent their designs and inventions while also providing worldwide trademark and copyright support, including portfolio management and enforcement.

Straight From The Team

We are very fortunate to work with a strong team at Burton which has substantial knowledge of the company history and culture, as well as a strong background in trademark law. Whether it is a cost-effective strategy in Asian countries or managing online challenges to the brand, we have a working relationship which has allowed Burton to maintain a strong and protected brand throughout the world.

Douglas R. Wolf
Chair, Trademark & Copyright Practice, Wolf Greenfield