Client Spotlight: Embr Labs

Client: Embr Labs Client: Embr Labs

About The Company

Embr Labs was founded by three MIT scientists and is set to carve out a piece of the $10B Digital Therapeutics market through technology that delivers thermal stimulation for therapeutic applications. It all started during a summer day in 2013 when founders Matt, David and Sam were putting on sweatshirts in their MIT lab despite the hot temperatures outdoors. They began to question if the HVAC technology used to combat thermal discomfort was really the best that modern technology had to offer, and they ended up developing a wearable technology that would unlock the therapeutic power of temperature.

Today, Embr Labs is the leader in thermal wellness technology. Their first product, Embr Wave, is a sleek wearable that “hacks” the way you feel temperature by stimulating the thermoreceptors in your skin. The technology has been shown to make people feel 5°F more comfortable and is being used today by tens of thousands of customers for thermal discomfort, sleep, anxiety and menopausal hot flashes. The company has conducted studies with Johnson & Johnson, been featured on Good Morning America, Fast Company and TIME’s “Best Inventions 2018,” and received Phase I and Phase II STTR awards from the National Science Foundation.

Wolf Greenfield & Embr Labs

Wolf Greenfield has worked with Embr to develop their patent portfolio from the very beginning. The broad technical depth of Wolf Greenfield attorneys in the overlapping fields of materials, consumer products, internet of things and controls systems has enabled Wolf Greenfield to understand the key distinctions of the technology developed by Embr Labs in the landscape of mature heating and cooling technologies. As such, our team provides a tailored approach in the services we provide to Embr that continues to evolve with their company.

Our Services

  • Help the company attain patent coverage both in the US and abroad
  • Mine Embr’s existing IP portfolio to pursue targeted coverage both in the US and abroad
  • Help the company identify new technologies that have been developed and are ready for protection
  • Work closely with the company through funding rounds and diligences
  • Review and draft joint development agreements
  • Structure the IP side of deals to ensure the company’s interests are protected

Straight From The Team

Wolf Greenfield is effectively a cofounder of Embr Labs, as we have been working with them on IP since we first incorporated the company in 2014. John and his colleagues bring technical depth and strategic thinking to every conversation we have, and through this close partnership we have developed an IP portfolio that positions Embr Labs for long term success.

Matthew Smith, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, Co-founder, Embr Labs

I feel part of the Embr team. I enjoy helping to craft an overall IP strategy to address both the technical and business goals of the Embr team as they take their product and company to the next level.

John S. Harmon, PhD
Shareholder, Mechanical Technologies, Wolf Greenfield