About The Company

A global leader in telematics, IoT, and connected transportation, Geotab is advancing security, connecting commercial vehicles to the cloud, and providing cloud-based analytics to businesses of all sizes to help organizations better manage their fleets. Their technology allows customers to automate operations by integrating vehicle data with their other data assets.

Over the past two decades, Geotab has grown from a small family business to the #1 commercial telematics vendor worldwide by ABI Research and continues to be recognized for innovative technology and solutions. In 2020, the company became the first telematics company to achieve 2 million connected vehicles built on a single, open platform—and has now surpassed 3 million subscribers worldwide.

“There is a strong and growing demand for secure and reliable data intelligence from organizations seeking ways to improve efficiency and safety, address sustainability goals and meet regulatory requirements,” said Neil Cawse, CEO and founder of Geotab, about the company’s ranking by ABI Research in 2022. “Our focus on innovation, investment in research and development and commitment to meeting the evolving needs of our customers allows us to stay agile in an ever-changing marketplace.”

Wolf Greenfield & Geotab

Patents are a part of the fundamental building blocks of Geotab’s success. Geotab has secured patents and protects its other intellectual property (IP) rights for the device hardware, firmware, and the software that powers its server and customer-facing tools. They have worked exclusively with Wolf Greenfield for over seven years to protect these market-leading innovations. This has included working closely with Geotab’s in-house team on developing and prosecuting utility and design patents, successfully handling patent infringement matters, providing guidance on freedom-to-operate and design-around options, and importantly, strategic counseling.

Straight From The Team

Whether for contested matters, clearance, patent strategy, or counseling, Geotab is an absolute pleasure to work with. We have established a great working relationship with Geotab, and they truly make us feel as though we are part of their internal team. We view our relationship as much more than merely transactional – we are a true partner in Geotab’s IP development, protection, and defense strategy.

Neil P. Ferraro
Chair, Mechanical Technologies Practice, Wolf Greenfield

Over the years, Wolf Greenfield has become one of Geotab’s most trusted advisors. They have skillfully helped us defend against patent litigation and supported clearance activities. Geotab’s close collaboration with Wolf Greenfield to develop and execute an innovative and aggressive strategy to limit and successfully combat patent litigation with non-practicing entities allows Geotab to assertively protect itself and stay committed to its core objective, to deliver intelligent data-based insights and solutions to its customers worldwide.

Dirk Schlimm
Executive Vice President, Geotab