About The Company

Founded in 2013 as a spinout from MIT, Gradiant was created by Anurag Bajpayee and Prakash Govindan to solve the world’s most important water challenges using sustainable and cost-effective technologies. Since then, Gradiant has evolved from a spirited technology start-up into a global industry leader whose solutions span 33 countries. In May 2023, the company announced it raised $225 million in its first close of Series D financing, bringing Gradiant’s total funding to date to over $400 million and its valuation to $1 billion.

Having built 600 water and wastewater treatments plants, Gradiant is committed to creating a lasting and positive impact on the world’s water resources by delivering transformative solutions for industrial water. The company offers the design, build, and operation of end-to-end water and digital solutions across industries, including microelectronics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, lithium and critical minerals, and renewable energy. Gradiant’s innovative solutions reduce water used and wastewater generated, reclaim valuable resources, and renew wastewater into freshwater.

Why do customers choose Gradiant? Gradiant’s leading-edge water technologies allow customers to achieve the lowest total water costs. Gradiant combines industry-leading technologies and the power of AI to ensure the highest levels of operational reliability and safety, delivering certainty and continuity to clients’ businesses. Gradiant’s technologies enable industries to become sustainable in their operations and supply chains — this is the right thing to do for the people and the planet, and it’s also good for business. And Gradiant is continuously translating proprietary R&D innovations into commercial solutions, ensuring customers’ access to the best technology available.

Why is innovation in water management across the world important and growing in demand? “According to the United Nations, if current water consumption trends continue, global water demand will exceed supply by 40% by 2030,” said Prakash Govindan to Water & Wastewater Asia. “Erratic weather patterns linked to climate change are already leading the intense drought episodes in different parts of Asia and the world, some of the worst in over 1,000 years. The water cycle is the first to feel the impact of climate change and is projected to absorb most of its impact.”

Wolf Greenfield & Gradiant

Wolf Greenfield has helped Gradiant with their intellectual property needs since they spun out of MIT. From Series A funding to now, we’ve helped build their patent portfolio in a way that supports their evolving business goals. Currently, the company has 250 pending/issued patents.

Straight From The Team

Technology is at the heart of Gradiant. We are unique in the water industry because of the breadth of innovation across the water treatment value chain. A lot of our success can be attributed to this. Wolf Greenfield have been ideal partners in this journey, specifically in ensuring our tech is protected via patents. We have together an IP portfolio to be proud of and envied by our competitors.

Prakash Govindan
Co-founder & Chief Operating Officer, Gradiant

Watching the Gradiant team go from a small start-up with a big dream to a global company that has been making a difference for over 10 years has been incredible. I enjoy counseling clients on their IP needs throughout the business lifecycle, and working with Gradiant has been particularly rewarding. I look forward to seeing how Gradiant continues to elevate the water space for decades to come.

Brandon Blackwell
Shareholder, Chemical & Materials Technologies Practice, Wolf Greenfield