About The Company

The future of internet security lies in quantum communications, and New York-based Qunnect, Inc. is innovating at the cutting edge of quantum technology. Qunnect’s products are designed to address the limitations that are necessary to operate quantum devices, working in ambient temperatures with existing telecommunications network infrastructure to make data transmission more secure. 

This technology serves as the foundation for the Quantum Internet, a vision for a network of connected quantum computers, sensors, and communication devices.  Investors and government entities are taking notice - Qunnect recently closed $8.5 million in a funding round led by Airbus Ventures, and earlier in 2022, the company was awarded several SBIR/STTR awards from the US Department of Energy, US Air Force, and National Science foundation totaling more than $6M. The SBIR awards are being used to further the development and commercialization of Qunnect’s Quantum Networking product suite, a collection of devices that support the next generation of quantum-secure communication protocols to distribute entanglement, a unique quantum property which can be carried by particles of light, over long distances.

Qunnect's technology leverages innovative design considerations that will translate to real-world deployment and scalability: its devices do not require extreme cooling or vacuum support infrastructure for operation,and are housed in a standard server rack-drawer form factor. In addition, the product suite uses standard telecom fiber infrastructure. Qunnect was the first company, globally, to commercialize a Quantum Memory (QU-MEM) in 2021.  Since then, the company has brought several other products to market, including an entanglement source (QU-SOURCE), an ultra-precise wavelength reference (QU-LOCK), and a real-time polarization compensation device (QU-APC). The company is currently piloting these devices on a 45+km dedicated fiber testbed, GothamQ, that it built in NYC.  

“Qunnect's designs will continue to be guided by the mission to bring quantum technologies out of the laboratory, and into the real world,” says Qunnect’s CEO, Noel Goddard. Mehdi Namazi, co-founder of Qunnect, adds that “As we expand our pilots on the GothamQ testbed, we are incredibly excited to see our product suite supporting the practical distribution of useful entanglement to perform quantum networking protocols over metropolitan distances.”

Wolf Greenfield & Qunnect, Inc. 

Wolf Greenfield has represented Qunnect from its early days protecting its groundbreaking innovation through intellectual property. We are confident that their investment in intellectual property will pay dividends for the company as they mature. 

Straight From The Team

As an R&D-heavy company, intellectual property is one of our most important assets. We chose Wolf Greenfield because they were one of the few firms with in-house expertise in quantum technology which could help us design a strategy in a crowded and fast-moving patent landscape.

Noel Goddard
CEO, Qunnect

It is an extreme pleasure working with Noel, Medhi, and the rest of the amazingly talented Qunnect team on its revolutionary science and so rewarding to see the tremendous progress toward commercialization the company has made.

Randy J. Pritzker
Co-chair, Electrical & Computer Technologies Practice, Wolf Greenfield