About The Company

VulcanForms builds and operates advanced digital manufacturing infrastructure that enables the world’s critical industries to innovate, grow, and deliver sustainable impact. A MIT-born company, VulcanForms invented and commercialized the world’s first industrially scalable metal additive manufacturing (AM) solution and pioneered integrated digital production systems. 

“Manufacturing is the engine that drives the US economy. VulcanForms has the technology, infrastructure, and expertise to fundamentally rethink the way products are imagined, designed, built, and delivered,” says Co-founder, President, and CEO Martin C. Feldmann. 

Now valued at over $1 billion, VulcanForms has raised $355 million to date, and revealed its first two digital production facilities, in Devens and Newburyport, Massachusetts this year. The Devens facility, VulcanOne, is powered by a fleet of 100-kilowatt class laser powder bed fusion additive manufacturing systems, which will total over 2 megawatts of laser capacity. The Newburyport facility focuses on automated precision machining and assembly operations. 

By using breakthrough, digital-first technologies, like AM, VulcanForms is enabling leading companies in the medical, aerospace, defense, and semiconductor industries to accelerate product innovation and to build more innovative and resilient supply chains and shift away from dependence on overseas manufacturing.

Wolf Greenfield & VulcanForms

VulcanForms’ fleet of additive manufacturing systems and their methods of operating these machines are its core intellectual asset protected by dozens of issued and pending patents in multiple countries. Wolf Greenfield has been with VulcanForms from the beginning and has helped to grow VulcanForms’ IP portfolio from capturing their foundational technology implemented in all of their systems to the latest designs of their next generation additive manufacturing systems.

A close working relationship has been key. Wolf Greenfield and the IP management team at VulcanForms talk frequently and have worked together to develop a solid patent strategy. This has included site visits and strategy sessions to both identify technology that needs to be protected and the best methods to protect these valuable assets. One size doesn’t fit all, so the decision of what to patent and what to keep as a trade secret, for example, is made with the company’s specific business needs in mind.

Straight From The Team

It’s been critical to our business objectives to have Wolf Greenfield’s expertise and collaboration as we build our IP strategy.  Their team has been extremely helpful in guiding us as we protect our technology assets.

Martin C. Feldmann
Co-founder, President, and CEO, VulcanForms

We have a deep understanding of VulcanForms’ technology, business goals, and current design efforts. This permits us to provide an IP strategy that is tailored to meet their business goals. Our broad interdisciplinary team and experience with this technology also allows us to get up to speed quickly.

John Harmon
Shareholder, Mechanical Technologies, Wolf Greenfield