Changes to USPTO Filing Requirements

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The US Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) is implementing an important change that will impact most trademark applications and post-registration maintenance filings. This change will take effect on February 15, 2020.


Client Email Addresses Now Required

The USPTO now requires a valid email address for applicants and registrants. The email address will not be used for communications in pending applications if there is an appointed attorney. However, courtesy emails regarding registration renewals and deadlines to submit evidence of use (or request an extension) will be sent to the client email address, along with all other email addresses of record.

Since the client email address will be publicly available on the USPTO’s electronic database, we recommend that most clients provide a general contact email, such as, and include us in the distribution. We suggest that international law firms work with clients to set up a general trademark email address along these lines for distribution among (1) the client, (2) the international law firm and (3) the corresponding Wolf Greenfield attorney. The email address must be accessible by the trademark owner meaning the Trademark Office will be looking for the URL to be associated with the Applicant.

Please contact your Wolf Greenfield attorney to provide an email address that we may use for this purpose.