As a technology specialist, Dr. Andrew Pinkard brings a very impressive background to Wolf Greenfield. He earned a PhD in chemistry from Columbia University and uses that knowledge in assisting the firm with patent prosecution related to both chemistry and materials science. He’s also currently enrolled in the School of Law at Fordham University.

In addition to his professional endeavors, Andrew has a deep dedication to Diversity and Inclusion efforts to help raise awareness and create opportunities for women and minorities interested in the STEM and legal fields.

In this episode of IP Talk with Wolf Greenfield, Andrew shares insight into his background and offers thoughts on how the legal industry can promote greater inclusion.

  • 01:03 - What Andrew’s role as a technology specialist entails
  • 01:27 - How a background in chemistry offers context for his current position
  • 02:30 - The ways in which the STEM and sciences fields can attract more diverse candidates
  • 03:20 - On the pressure of being a “trailblazer” and what attracted Andrew to Wolf Greenfield
  • 04:56 - Balancing the responsibilities of promoting diversity and inclusion, while focusing on a significant workload
  • 05:59 - The challenges of attending law school during the pandemic
  • 07:06 - With a remote workforce, it may be easier for law firms to incorporate diversity