Wolf Greenfield believes it has a professional obligation to use their specialized training and legal skills to help ensure equal access to the justice system for all. Accordingly, the firm's extensive pro bono program extends far beyond representing clients in IP related cases. In recent years, Wolf Greenfield has successfully represented a range of clients, from immigration/asylum cases, to assisting sexual assault victims to aiding non-profit, charitable organizations with trademark disputes.

Chelsea Loughran is a shareholder at Wolf Greenfield. In addition to her work as a trial attorney and post-grant practitioner, she maintains an ongoing docket of pro bono cases and is deeply involved in Wolf Greenfield’s pro bono program.

In this episode of IP Talk with Wolf Greenfield, Chelsea provides an overview of the pro bono program and offers some examples of recent work. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 00:44 – Overview of Wolf Greenfield’s pro bono program
  • 02:41 – Why pro bono work is so meaningful
  • 04:50 – Examples of Wolf Greenfield’s pro bono work
  • 06:56 – Everyone at Wolf Greenfield is welcome to help out with pro bono cases
  • 07:46 – The Wolf Greenfield Affinity Group
  • 08:47 – The annual Associates Drive on behalf of Greater Boston Legal Services
  • 10:45 – Wolf Greenfield’s relationships with outside organizations
  • 12:44 – Pro bono work is a critical part of Wolf Greenfield’s culture