We’re pleased to feature Eric Amundsen in this episode of Wolf Greenfield’s Alumni Spotlight series. Eric was previously a shareholder in Wolf Greenfield’s Mechanical Technologies Practice. He worked at the firm for over 22 years.

Today, Eric serves as a senior energy transition consultant at Geosyntec Consultants, where he focuses on energy transition, life cycle assessment, sustainability, and environmental policy. Eric assists organizations by addressing their energy transition and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. He helps identify, manage, and report on the opportunities and risks associated with the shift to a lower-carbon economy.

Here are some highlights from Eric’s turn in the Alumni Spotlight on IP Talk with Wolf Greenfield.

  • 00:46 - Eric describes his current responsibilities with Geosyntec
  • 01:52 - Progress being made in decarbonization
  • 02:56 - The joy of “figuring things out”
  • 03:44 - Making the transition from attorney to energy transition consultant
  • 04:14 - How Wolf Greenfield prepared Eric for his role at Geosyntec
  • 05:04 - What sets Wolf Greenfield apart from other law firms
  • 06:13 - Dream destinations
  • 07:05 - Favorite get-away spots