We’re pleased to feature May Rohrbach in this episode of Wolf Greenfield’s Alumni Spotlight series. May was previously a patent agent in Wolf Greenfield’s Electrical & Computer Technologies Practice. She was also part of the firm’s technology specialist intern program.

Now, May serves as a QA Engineer II at Blink, an Amazon Company. Blink delivers affordable, innovative, and easy-to-use smart home security devices.

Here are some highlights from May’s turn in the Alumni Spotlight on IP Talk with Wolf Greenfield.

  • 00:47 - An overview of May’s current responsibilities
  • 01:45 - How May’s current position differs from being at a law firm
  • 03:03 - May’s role at Wolf Greenfield prepared her for her current position at Blink
  • 04:08 - Her favorite Wolf Greenfield memories
  • 05:11 - May’s favorite book
  • 05:57 - Dream destination