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Law360 Says Wolf Greenfield Grew More in the Past Year Than Any Other Large IP Firm in the US

Wolf Greenfield was listed among the top 10 largest intellectual property law firms in the US in the Law360 400, an annual ranking of the largest firms in the country. The firm added more attorneys in the past year--growing by 7.2%--than any of the other top IP boutiques, many of which saw their headcounts drop.

President and Managing Partner Tim Oyer spoke with Law360 about the reasons for the firm's success. Among them are a focus on high-value work, long-term relationships, a diversified practice, and a firm culture that attracts and retains attorneys.

To compile the ranking, Law360 surveyed US-based law firms, as well as international firms with a US component, on domestic attorney and partner headcount as of Dec. 31, 2018. Read more.