Jonathan Roses Quoted by Managing IP on Orange Book Patents

Jonathan Roses was quoted by Managing Intellectual Property in an article titled “Extra Orange Book Scrutiny Poses Questions for Law Firm Strategy.” This article covers the importance of ensuring lawyers have a strong understanding of Orange Book patent listings in light of the US Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) September 14 policy statement warning pharmaceutical companies that it plans to scrutinize whether they’ve properly listed patents in the Orange Book. In the article, Jon comments on how law firms should be more cognizant of best practices around Orange Book listings.

“But they should have been aware of this beforehand,” said Jon, noting that this issue has been creeping up for years and firms have already been giving advice on it.

“Everyone who is already advising on these issues is going to continue doing the same thing,” he said. “But I do hope this provides a little bit of a warning for an attorney who might be asked to look at an Orange Book listing for the first time.” Read more (subscription required).