Sheila C. Bonitatibus

Sheila C. Bonitatibus, PhD

Technology Specialist | Pharmaceutical
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  • BS, Biochemistry, Fairfield University
  • PhD, Chemistry, Boston University

Key Technologies

  • Protein Expression and Purification
  • Microbiology
  • Redox Enzymology
  • Electrochemistry/Electrocatalysis
  • Proteomics

Practice Groups

Admitted to Practice

  • Not yet admitted to practice


  • Boston


Sheila Bonitatibus assists the firm with pharmaceutical patent prosecution, utilizing her extensive knowledge in the areas of chemistry and biochemistry to support the firm’s clients.

Sheila’s scientific background is in electrochemistry and redox enzymology. Prior to joining Wolf Greenfield, she received her PhD in chemistry from Boston University under the mentorship of Professor Sean J. Elliott.

Sheila’s doctoral research included designing projects associated with the biophysical characterization and mechanistic study of metalloenzymes central to carbon fixation pathways. Specifically, she investigated the oxo-acid ferredoxin oxidoreductase superfamily to probe how these reversible enzymes activate and transform carbon dioxide into value-added molecules.

During her PhD, Sheila also participated in a full-time, research-based program at the Marine Biological Laboratory located in Woods Hole, Massachusetts that focused on microbial metabolism and diversity.


  • Fundraising Chair, Boston University Women in Chemistry (2019-2023)


  • Feldman Award for research and mentorship, Boston University (2022)
  • Dean’s Fellowship Award, Boston University (2017)
  • Magis Academic Merit Fellowship, Fairfield University (2013 – 2017)


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  • Cooking for friends and family
  • Attending sporting events (New England fan)