Nathan T. Jacobs

Nathan T. Jacobs, PhD

Patent Agent | Biotechnology
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  • BS, Immunology & Infectious Disease, The Pennsylvania State University
  • BS, Biology, The Pennsylvania State University
  • PhD, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Emory University
  • JD, Suffolk University Law School, 2025 Candidate

Key Technologies

  • Virology
  • Microbiology
  • Immunology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Nucleic Acid Production
  • Nucleic Acid Purification
  • Cell Therapy
  • Gene Therapy
  • Antibodies

Practice Groups

Admitted to Practice

  • US Patent and Trademark Office


  • Boston


Nathan Jacobs assists the Biotechnology Practice in patent application drafting, patent prosecution, due diligence, patent portfolio management, and freedom-to-operate studies in cell therapy, gene therapy, microbiome therapy, fermentation, molecular biology, and genetics. With a background in infectious disease research, he has extensive knowledge in the areas of virology, microbiology, and immunology.

Nate’s technical experience extends to viral delivery vectors, viral and bacterial reverse genetics, synthetic antibody technologies, cell culture, flow cytometry analysis and sorting methods, PCR-based molecular biology methods, DNA and RNA sequencing, and bioinformatics. As a PhD student, he assisted the Emory Patent Group with conducting prior art searches, evaluating invention disclosures for patentability, drafting patent applications, and drafting responses to office actions.

Prior to joining Wolf Greenfield, Nate was a postdoctoral fellow in Jeffrey Weiser’s lab at NYU Langone Health, where he conducted research on the transmission of influenza A virus and Streptococcus pneumoniae. Nate’s PhD research in Anice Lowen’s lab at Emory University focused on the reassortment, transmission, and evolution of influenza A viruses.


  • Assisted in drafting and prosecution of patent applications in the areas of microbiome therapeutics, genetic circuits, Treg therapies, nucleic acid vaccines, animal models of disease, methods of genome editing, and nucleic acid production and purification, 
  • Conducted ongoing freedom-to-operate studies for industrial client in rapidly evolving therapeutic area.
  • Assisted in the development and early implementation of an IP strategy for a start-up cell therapy company.


  • Boston Intellectual Property Law Association


  • Infectious Diseases and Basic Microbiological Mechanisms trainee (NIH/NIAID T32 training award)
  • Burroughs Wellcome Fund Molecules to Mankind Fellowship
  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Honorable Mention


Scientific Publications

  • Jacobs NT, Onuoha NO, Antia A, Steel J, Antia R, Lowen AC. (2019). Incomplete influenza A virus genomes occur frequently but are readily complemented during localized viral spread. Nat Commun. 10(1):3526.
  • Jacobs NT, Weiser JN. (2020). Competitive exclusion strengthens selection for transmissibility and increases the benefit of recombination for within-host adaptation. bioRxiv. doi: 10.1101/2020.06.18.158956.
  • Wu X*, Jacobs NT*, Bozio C, Palm P, Lattar SM, Hanke CR, Watson DM, Sakai F, Levin BR, Klugman KP, Vidal JE. (2017). Competitive Dominance within Biofilm Consortia Regulates the Relative Distribution of Pneumococcal Nasopharyngeal Density. Appl Environ Microbiol. 83(16):e00953-17. *Equal contribution.
  • Hockman MR, Jacobs NT, Mainou BA, Koelle K, Lowen AC. (2022). Mammalian Orthoreovirus Proceeds with Little Constraint on Segment Mixing. J Virol. 96(4):e0183221.
  • Phipps KL, Ganti K, Jacobs NT, Lee CY, Carnaccini S, White MC, Manandhar M, Pickett BE, Tan GS, Ferreri LM, Perez DR, Lowen AC. (2020). Collective interactions augment influenza A virus replication in a host-dependent manner. Nat Microbiol. doi: 10.1038/s41564-020-0749-2.
  • Calderon BM, Danzy S, Delima GK, Jacobs NT, Ganti K, Hockman MR, Conn GL, Lowen AC, Steel J. (2019). Dysregulation of M segment gene expression contributes to influenza A virus host restriction. PLoS Pathog. 15(8):e1007892.
  • Richard M, Herfst S, Tao H, Jacobs NT, Lowen AC. (2018). Influenza A Virus Reassortment Is Limited by Anatomical Compartmentalization following Coinfection via Distinct Routes. J Virol. 92(5):e02063-17.
  • Matar CG, Jacobs NT, Speck SH, Lamb TJ, Moormann AM. (2015). Does EBV alter the pathogenesis of malaria? Parasite Immunol. 37(9):433-45.
  • Matar CG, Anthony NR, O'Flaherty BM, Jacobs NT, Priyamvada L, Engwerda CR, Speck SH, Lamb TJ. (2015). Gammaherpesvirus Co-infection with Malaria Suppresses Anti-parasitic Humoral Immunity. PLoS Pathog. 11(5):e1004858.
  • Smallridge WE, Rolin OY, Jacobs NT, Harvill ET. (2014). Different effects of whole-cell and acellular vaccines on Bordetella transmission. J Infect Dis. 209(12):1981-8.


Nate enjoys photography, cooking, and board games.