Claire A. L. Lidston

Claire A. L. Lidston, PhD

Patent Agent | Pharmaceutical
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  • BA, Chemistry and Mathematics, Williams College, magna cum laude
  • AM, Inorganic Chemistry, Harvard University
  • PhD, Organic Chemistry, Cornell University
  • JD, Suffolk University Law School, 2026 Candidate

Key Technologies

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry

Practice Groups

Admitted to Practice

  • US Patent and Trademark Office


  • Boston


Claire Lidston assists the firm with pharmaceutical patent prosecution, utilizing her extensive knowledge in the areas of organic and inorganic chemistry to support the firm’s clients.

Prior to joining Wolf Greenfield, Claire received a PhD in organic chemistry from Cornell University, where her research included developing bifunctional catalysts for ring-opening co- and terpolymerizations of epoxides, cyclic anhydrides, and CO2 based on mechanistic insight and structure/property relationships. Claire earned a masters in inorganic chemistry from Harvard University, where she focused on developing C–H activation catalysts for N-heterocycle synthesis. Claire is listed as a co-inventor on an issued U.S. patent.


  • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship


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