Téa Tsaava

Téa Tsaava, MD

Technology Specialist | Biotechnology
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  • MD, Tbilisi State Medical University
  • MS, Biology, Adelphi University

Key Technologies

  • Bioelectronic Medicine
  • Neuroscience
  • Neuropathology
  • Immunology
  • Biomedical Engineering

Practice Groups

Admitted to Practice

  • Not yet admitted to practice


  • New York


Téa Tsaava assists the firm in biotechnology patent prosecution. Téa has extensive knowledge in the areas of bioelectronic medicine, neuroscience, neuropathology, immunology, and biomedical engineering.

Prior to joining Wolf Greenfield, Téa was a research scientist with over 15 years of experience. She previously served as s a Senior Research Assistant in the Laboratory of Biomedical Science at The Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research at Northwell Health, where she studied the neuroscience of immunity. Her research was aimed at establishing the molecular basis of neuro-immune interactions needed to develop new devices to treat disease.


  • Society for Neuroscience
  • New York Academy of Sciences
  • American Association of Immunologists
  • The Shock Society


Scientific Publications

  • Tsaava T. Toxicity of pesticide formulations to soil bacteria. MS thesis Adelphi University, New York, 2008.
  • Weeks BS, Lee S, Perez PP, Brown K, Chauhan H, Tsaava T. Natramune and PureWay-C reduce xenobiotic-induced human Tcell alpha5beta1 integrin-mediated adhesion to fibronectin. Medical Science Monitor 14(12): BR279-85, 2008.
  • Bach H, Arango V, Kassir SA, Tsaava T, Dwork AJ, Mann JJ, Underwood MD. Alcoholics have more Tryptophan Hydroxylase 2 mRNA and Protein in the Dorsal and Median Raphe Nuclei. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 38(7),1894–1901, 2014.
  • Ju Z, Chavan SS, Antoine DJ, Dancho M, Tsaava T, Li J, Lu B, Levine YA, Stiegler A, Tamari Y, Al-Abed Y, Roth J, Tracey KJ, Yang, H. Sequestering HMGB1 via DNA-Conjugated Beads Ameliorates Murine Colitis. PLoSONE, 9(8), e103992, 2014.
  • Steinberg BE, Silverman HA, Robbiati S, Gunasekaran M, Tsaava T, Battinelli E, Stiegler A, Bouton CE, Chavan SS, Tracey KJ, Huerta PT. Cytokine-specific neurograms in the sensory vagus nerve. Bioelectronic Medicine vol3, 7-17, 2016.
  • Hanes WM, Olofsson PS, Talbot S, Tsaava T, Ochani M, Imperato GH, Levine YA., Roth J, Pascal MA, Foster SL, Wang P, Woolf C, Chavan SS, Tracey KJ. Neuronal circuits modulate antigen flow through lymph nodes. Journal of Bioelectronic Medicine vol3, 18-29, 2016.
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  • Tsaava T, Datta-Chaudhuri T, Addorisio ME, Masi EB, Silverman HA, Newman JE, Imperato GH, Bouton C, Tracey KJ, Chavan SS, Chang EH. Specific vagus nerve stimulation parameters alter serum cytokine levels in the absence of inflammation. Bioelectronic Medicine. 2020 Apr 10;6:8.
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