About The Company

Lightmatter is creating a new paradigm in semiconductor chip architecture and powering the future of large-scale computing. Using a combination of electronics, photonics, and new algorithms, Lightmatter built a next-generation computing platform purpose-built for artificial intelligence. As the boom of generative AI inspires use cases for AI at an unprecedented speed, the company has developed photonic processors that are faster, more efficient, and cooler than any conventional processors in existence today. With increased compute speed, low energy density, and reduced chip heating, Lightmatter is uniquely positioned to accelerate the processing of existing AI workloads and deliver critical advancements in AI-powered solutions across industries.

Lightmatter’s current products include Envise, which is the world’s first photonic computing platform; Passage, a wafer-scale, programmable photonic interconnect; and Idiom, which interfaces with standard deep-learning frameworks and model exchange formats, while providing the transformations and tools required by deep-learning model authors and deployers.

Recognizing the growing carbon footprints of data centers and their required operating costs to power advanced neural networks, Lightmatter developed Envise, which leverages the power of light for better performance and lower energy cost. Envise enables larger and more complex neural network models while at the same time allowing companies to deploy new features and minimizing their environmental impact.

Lightmatter’s next-generation photonics technology also gave way to Passage, which enables arrays of heterogeneous chips to communicate with unprecedented bandwidth and energy efficiency.  

“The speed of innovation in AI and machine learning will decrease rapidly unless we develop new solutions that can be deployed at scale. The products Lightmatter is developing are groundbreaking.” - Richard Ho, Vice President of Hardware Engineering

“By 2030, 20% of energy consumption across the planet will be from data centers. That’s a staggering number. Lightmatter is tackling this problem with tech many believed to be impossible until just a few years ago.”  - Ritesh Jain, Vice President of Engineering

Wolf Greenfield & Lightmatter 

To accomplish Lightmatter’s goals, it’s critical to have a polished IP strategy. We support Lightmatter with developing this strategy and protecting their innovations. Learn more.

Straight From The Team

Working with Randy and his exceptional team has been an absolute delight. Wolf Greenfield truly sets the standard of excellence in this field. The breadth and depth of technical knowledge that they bring into our IP development is unparalleled. We feel incredibly fortunate to have them as our trusted advisors.

Darius Bunandar
Co-founder & Chief Scientist, Lightmatter

We are so pleased to work with such a groundbreaking company as Lightmatter, which we have represented since its inception. Nick, Darius, and Thomas truly have built a remarkable company that will revolutionize AI computing and chip communication. Their IP is strong and growing and will assist them as they continue to mature as a company.

Randy J. Pritzker
Co-chair, Electrical & Computer Technologies Practice, Wolf Greenfield