Artificial intelligence has extraordinary potential, but it also presents a number of daunting challenges. One is the high energy consumption of the computer chips required to drive the programs. Lightmatter is developing unique photonic technologies that reconstruct how computer chips calculate and communicate, allowing data to move at much higher speeds than is possible today. The young company has raised over $420 million to date and is now valued at over $1.2B.

Dr. Darius Bunandar is founder and chief scientist of Lightmatter. He and his team have worked closely with Wolf Greenfield in recent years to develop and execute a strategy to protect its intellectual property. Randy Pritzker co-chairs the Electrical & Computer Technologies Practice at Wolf Greenfield.

In this edition of IP Talk with Wolf Greenfield, Darius and Randy discuss how AI and supercomputing may be transformed by Lightmatter’s photonic technologies and how IP has assisted Lightmatter.

  • 01:31 - Darius provides background about Lightmatter and the company’s most recent developments
  • 03:04 - Randy explains why IP is valuable to Lightmatter and gives an overview of the company’s IP strategy
  • 06:57 - Darius and Randy discuss the teamwork that’s necessary to develop and execute an effective IP strategy
  • 09:34 - Randy examines how the IP strategy has helped Lightmatter, both in the early years and how it has changed as the company has matured
  • 11:43 - Having just reached unicorn status with a $1.2 billion valuation, Lightmatter is excited about the future
  • 12:18 - Darius and Randy enjoy working with each other

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