Client Spotlight: Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Client: Client Spotlight: Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc. Client: Client Spotlight: Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc.

About The Company

A dermatology therapeutics company based in Pennsylvania, Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc.’s mission began with a goal of developing novel treatment solutions for millions of underserved patients with few options for real relief.

Verrica is led by a seasoned leadership team with extensive experience in dermatology and commercialization of FDA approved products. With an understanding of how the patient journey unfolds, the ever-shifting healthcare-provider landscape, and with access to cutting-edge research and processes, Verrica is focused on making treatment more efficient and effective for patients and providers.

Verrica’s lead product candidate, VP-102, a drug-device combination topical therapy, seeks to address the needs of patients suffering from molluscum cantagiosum, a highly contagious viral skin disease that affects approximately six million people — primarily children — in the United States for which there are currently no FDA-approved treatments. Verrica’s NDA for VP-102 is currently under review with the FDA and has been assigned a PDUFA goal date of July 23, 2023. If approved, VP-102 will be marketed in the United States under the conditionally accepted brand name, YCANTH™.

Aside from molluscum, VP-102 is also being studied for the potential treatment for common warts and external genital warts, conditions which are also highly contagious. Verrica’s product pipeline also includes a worldwide license agreement with Lytix Biopharma AS to develop and commercialize VP-315 for the treatment of certain dermatologic oncology conditions, including basal and squamous cell carcinoma. VP-315 offers a novel mechanism of action directly targeting cancerous skin cells to induce an anti-tumor immune response. If successful, VP-315 could give physicians a surgical alternative for the most common forms of skin cancers.

Wolf Greenfield & Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc.

After doing IP due diligence on Verrica, we were asked by PBM Capital to take over prosecution of the company’s patent portfolio. The active ingredient in Verrica’s product cantharidin had been known for decades and therefore was not patentable; therefore, we needed to be innovative in creating patent protection for Verrica’s formulation and device. We are now working with Verrica as it seeks FDA approval of VP-102 to have the company’s patent exclusivity and regulatory exclusivity complement each other. And more recently we have been asked to help with a similar exercise in creating additional patent protection around Verrica’s licensed-in asset, VP-315 for treating various skin cancers.

Straight From The Team

Wolf Greenfield has been a trusted partner for years. The team is highly collaborative, proactive, and has a proven track-record of developing creative strategies to protect our complete IP portfolio. Wolf Greenfield has been successful in securing multiple patents in multiple countries on our behalf. They are truly a group of proven advisors whom we rely on. 

Christopher G. Hayes
Chief Legal Officer, Verrica Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Working with Verrica and Chris Hayes has been a pleasure. They care deeply about finally getting cantharidin approved by the FDA and on the market to help patients, including children, with molluscum contagiosum. I look forward to helping them continue to grow their IP portfolio, including developing a cutting-edge strategy for protecting VP-315 in the treatment of skin cancers.

C. Hunter Baker
Shareholder, Pharmaceutical Practice, Wolf Greenfield

Verrica represents what I like most about our pharmaceutical clients: they are focused with precision on bringing products to market that improve patient outcomes. It has been a pleasure helping Verrica navigate the IP landscape to secure their position in the market.

Philip J. Hamzik
Associate, Pharmaceutical Practice, Wolf Greenfield