Alex Ewing is featured in this first episode of Wolf Greenfield’s Alumni Spotlight series. Alex worked for Wolf Greenfield as an associate from 2011-2015. These days, Wolf Greenfield works for Alex, who is at LiquiGlide.

Alex serves as Chief Operating Officer at LiquiGlide, which was founded in 2012 and born out of an MIT Lab. LiquiGlide’s mission is to revolutionize products, packaging, processes, and patient experiences by eliminating the friction between solids and liquids.

Here are some highlights from Alex Ewing’s turn in the Alumni Spotlight on IP Talk with Wolf Greenfield:

  • 00:54 - Some background on LiquiGlide and its recent work with the consumer giant Colgate
  • 01:53 - The difference between working at Wolf Greenfield and getting involved with a start-up
  • 04:00 - What makes LiquiGlide unique in the marketplace?
  • 05:19 - The thrill of doing it all at a start-up
  • 06:26 - How Wolf Greenfield provided a solid foundation for his current work
  • 07:48 - Alex’s favorite Wolf Greenfield experiences
  • 08:24 - Advice to young people starting their professional lives
  • 08:52 - Alex’s favorite book

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