Jas Lee is a shareholder in Wolf Greenfield’s Chemical & Materials Technologies practice. She works with clients on IP strategy development and execution. Jas particularly enjoys helping start-up companies identify their most valuable IP and best strategies to protect them. Additionally, Jas serves as chair of Wolf Greenfield’s Diversity Committee. And if this isn’t all enough, Jas is a competitive tri-athlete.

In this episode of IP Talk with Wolf Greenfield, Jas discusses her work at Wolf Greenfield and her training as a triathlete for Team USA. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • 00:51 - Jas Lee’s current responsibilities and focus areas
  • 02:05 - Jas loves working with start-ups
  • 02:39 - Achievements of Wolf Greenfield’s diversity committee
  • 03:54 - Getting involved in triathloning
  • 06:38 - Jas was a member of Team USA for the 2023 World Triathlon Sprint & Relay World Championships in Germany
  • 08:37 - Making the transition from weekend triathlete to competing with Team USA
  • 09:36 - The competitions ahead
  • 10:10 - Balancing training and competition schedules with work and family responsibilities
  • 11:11 - How training helps clear the mind