Managing Partner Tim Oyer Featured in Law360’s “Law Firm Leaders”

Wolf Greenfield’s Managing Partner, Tim Oyer, shared his thoughts on how the firm continues to thrive in a competitive legal marketplace in Law360’s Law Firm Leaders Q&A series.

In the Q&A, Tim explained that Wolf Greenfield is able to continuously grow by focusing on its culture and values, and prioritizing high-value work. He added that the firm, which grew 7.2% in the last year, places “a special emphasis on balancing a passion for winning with providing an opportunity for everyone.” 

When asked what helps Wolf Greenfield retain talent, he discussed the firm’s commitment to technology and the ways in which the firm recruits individuals with science and engineering backgrounds. Through the firm’s technology specialist program, individuals, often coming from PhD programs, are hired and developed into lawyers. He said, “We get people who are extremely talented in science and engineering early on, get them excited, and then in that apprenticeship program they tend to do very well in law school.” He added that other firms often undervalue this deep understanding of technology in their hiring process.

Tim, who came to Wolf Greenfield through the technology specialist program, has been managing partner since 2007. He spoke about what he believes is the most important trait in a law firm partner. “The word I would use is ‘teacher.’ A really great teacher has to be a lifelong learner, someone who continuously challenges herself or himself. In our space, continually learning the balance of business and law is so important, and understanding a client's business is a long learning process, so being a lifelong learner is important. A good teacher is a great distiller of complex information and a communicator.”

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