Wolf Greenfield Secures Victory for IDParts LLC in Infringement Suit

Wolf Greenfield achieved a victory on behalf of IDParts, LLC, a leading supplier of replacement, service, and upgrade parts for diesel powered automobiles and light trucks, in a trademark infringement lawsuit brought by Onyx Enterprises Int’l Corp., now known as Parts iD, LLC, in the US District Court of Massachusetts. The trial ended with a unanimous decision in which a Massachusetts federal jury found IDParts did not infringe the plaintiff’s marks. In addition, the jury found that when, in the midst of the lawsuit, Onyx changed its name to Parts iD, that name change resulted in willful infringement of IDParts’ rights in its service mark.

The Wolf Greenfield team consisted of John Strand, Jason Balich, Tonia Sayour, Kevin Li, John Welch, and Doug Wolf. Marc C. Laredo of Laredo & Smith, LLP was co-counsel for IDParts.